Your Honor (Season 1-2-3) Tv Series

Your Honor is a riveting crime drama miniseries that premiered on Showtime in 2020. Created by Peter Moffat and featuring Bryan Cranston in the lead role, it tells the story of a respected judge whose principles and ethics are put to the test when his son is involved in a hit-and-run accident. What follows is a nail-biting account of lies, deception and impossible choices.

Your Honor TV Show Details

TV SeriesYour Honor
Release DateDecember 6, 2020 – February 14, 2022
CastBryan Cranston, Hope Davis, Michael Stuhlbarg, Lilli Kay, Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Movie CategoryCrime, Drama
WriterPeter Moffat
ProducerRobert and Michelle King, Liz Glotzer, Bryan Cranston
ProductionCBS Studios, King Size Productions
DirectorEdward Berger, Robert W. King
MusicFil Eisler
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The Story

Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) is a highly respected district judge in New Orleans. He loses his wife to cancer a year before the events of the show, leaving him to raise his teenage son Adam alone. On the day of his wife’s death anniversary, Adam is involved in a hit-and-run accident that kills the son of prominent mob boss Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg).

To protect his son, Michael advises Adam to turn himself in. But when they realize the victim is Baxter’s son, Michael panics. He knows the Baxters will kill Adam for revenge if they find out. So Michael decides to go against everything he stands for and covers up his son’s crime.

What follows is a steep downward spiral, as Michael compromises his morals at every step to keep his son safe. He lies, manipulates evidence, and makes secret deals with criminals. His actions have devastating consequences, destroying lives and relationships. Ultimately, Michael ends up losing far more than he set out to protect.

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Cast and Characters

  • Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato – A principled judge and widowed father who goes to extreme lengths to protect his son.
  • Hope Davis as Gina Baxter – The cunning and ruthless matriarch of the Baxter crime family.
  • Michael Stuhlbarg as Jimmy Baxter – The volatile head of the Baxter family who will avenge his son’s death at any cost.
  • Carmen Ejogo as Lee Delamere – A shrewd lawyer who becomes entangled in Michael’s web of lies.
  • Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Charlie Figaro – Michael’s oldest friend who realizes something is amiss.
  • Sofia Black D’Elia as Frannie Latimer – The upright assistant D.A. who suspects Michael’s conspiracy.
  • Amy Landecker as Detective Nancy Costello – The tenacious cop investigating the hit-and-run.

What Makes Your Honor Special

Captivating storyline

The show’s genius lies in its morally complex narrative that keeps viewers hooked. Watching a principled man like Michael Desiato devolve into criminality for his son makes for a fascinating character study.

Powerhouse performances

Bryan Cranston delivers an acting masterclass as the conflicted judge Michael Desiato. His restrained portrayal of a man undone by his own actions is remarkable.

Taut direction

Edward Berger directs the majority of the miniseries, infusing it with gritty realism and nerve-wracking tension. The minutiae of Michael’s lies are captured with precision.

Stellar supporting cast

Veteran actors like Hope Davis and Michael Stuhlbarg shine in their roles as the cunning Baxter couple. The talented ensemble elevates the show.

Thought-provoking themes

At its core, Your Honor examines the concepts of morality and ethics through Michael’s fall from grace. It forces viewers to question what they would do in his shoes.

Critical Reception

Your Honor garnered widespread critical acclaim for its acting, writing and direction. Here are some noteworthy reviews:

“Led by Bryan Cranston’s crushing turn as a judge driven to moral ruin, Your Honor is as wrenching as anything seen on TV this year.”

USA Today (Rating: 3.5/4)

“Your Honor makes its case impressively clear. It’s a miniseries that grabs hold of you right from the start and refuses to let go.”

Rolling Stone (Rating: 4/5)

“Driven by phenomenal acting and Peter Moffat’s tense, twisty scripts, Your Honor is one of the year’s best new shows. It will leave you gasping.”

Thrillist (Rating: 94/100)

“Riveting and superbly acted, Your Honor is a dark examination of morality and corruption. Cranston and Stuhlbarg are powerhouses.” (Rating: 4/4)

How to Watch Your Honor

Your Honor aired on Showtime from December 2020 to February 2022. Here are some ways to watch the miniseries:

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On Demand

You can watch all episodes of the series on Showtime On Demand if you have a subscription.

Showtime Anytime app

Stream the entire miniseries on the Showtime Anytime app on your mobile device or smart TV.

Showtime add-on via Prime Video/Hulu/YouTube TV

Add Showtime to your Prime Video, Hulu or YouTube TV subscription to get access.

Purchase Episodes

You can buy episodes or seasons of Your Honor on Vudu, Google Play Movies, iTunes and Amazon.


Get the DVD box set with all episodes of Season 1 and 2.

Download Your Honor

Your Honor is not available to download from legal subscription services due to copyright reasons. However, you can purchase and download episodes from services like:

ServiceSD PriceHD Price
Google Play$1.99$2.99
Amazon Video$1.99$2.99

Downloading from unauthorized sources is illegal. The show can only be downloaded after buying from the services listed above.

Your Honor – Season 1 Recap and Review

Season 1 of Your Honor introduced us to Michael Desiato and his desperation to save his son Adam from the vengeful Baxter family. Here are some key events that transpired:

  • After the hit-and-run, Michael lies to the police to give Adam an alibi. He also destroys evidence linking Adam’s car to the crime.
  • Michael manipulates Eugene Jones, a witness ready to testify against Adam, to stay silent. This leads to Eugene’s death.
  • He sabotages ADA Latimer’s investigation and strikes a deal with mobster Little Mo to get intel on the Baxters.
  • His lies are uncovered by Detective Costello and attorney Lee Delamere, both determined to take him down.
  • In the finale, the Baxters frame Michael for murder. He is arrested as Adam gets away with Kofi’s help.

The performances, writing and direction in Season 1 were top-notch. The ethical descent of Michael made for a riveting crime drama. The finale’s twists left us eager for Season 2.

Your Honor – Season 2 Recap and Review

Season 2 saw Michael at rock bottom as he ended up in prison after the Baxters framed him. But he continued fighting to protect Adam. Here are the major events:

  • Jimmy Baxter hires inmates to have Michael killed in prison. He survives repeated attacks.
  • Gina Baxter threatens Michael’s therapist to reveal privileged information about Adam’s guilt and location.
  • In prison, Michael builds unlikely alliances with inmates to expose the Baxter family’s crimes.
  • He gathers evidence about their businesses and contacts, with help from Adam and Kofi.
  • After Michael uncovers the Baxters’ major drug operations, Gina has Adam kidnapped as leverage.
  • In a final confrontation, Michael sacrifices himself to save Adam and bring down the Baxter empire.
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The second season was more fast-paced but just as captivating. Bryan Cranston’s emotional performance as a father pushed to the edge for his son anchored the narrative beautifully. Your Honor ended on a bittersweet note that felt earned.

Why Was Your Honor Cancelled?

Despite immense acclaim from critics and viewers, Showtime decided to end Your Honor after just two seasons. Here are some of the likely reasons behind its cancellation:

  • It was intended as a limited series so the story was wrapped up by Season 2.
  • Keeping up the show’s tense narrative for multiple seasons would have been challenging.

-Lower viewership compared to other Showtime hits like Homeland and Dexter.

  • Production delays in 2020 due to the pandemic likely contributed as well.
  • Bryan Cranston and the crew may have wanted to move on to other projects.

Though disappointing for fans, Your Honor concluded the Desiato family’s story effectively in two seasons. We can hope creator Peter Moffat delivers another incredible limited series soon.

Your Honor – Legacy and Impact

In just 10 episodes, Your Honor managed to leave an indelible mark due to its sheer craftsmanship and emotional power. Here is why it is remembere fondly:

  • Bryan Cranston’s performance as Michael Desiato is considere one of the finest of his career after Breaking Bad.
  • It set a new standard for the crime anthology format on premium cable networks.
  • With its moral ambiguity and shocking twists, the show pushed the boundaries of storytelling.
  • It launched creator Peter Moffat into the spotlight – he is now developing new shows for AMC and FX.
  • Excellent casting, writing and direction made it hugely influential among contemporary drama series.
  • The show’s exploration of ethics, family and corruption gave viewers much to ponder on.

Your Honor may have met an early end, but the story of Michael and Adam Desiato will linger in viewers’ memories for a long time. Its imperfect yet brave characters changed the landscape of dramatic television.


In an age where antiheroes dominate prestige dramas, Your Honor stands out with its reluctant protagonist and devastating narrative. By taking viewers along on one man’s fall from grace, it crafted a morality tale that was as thought-provoking as it was thrilling. Backed by incredible performances and airtight writing, the show delivered an experience as close to Shakespearean tragedy as television can get. Its restrained yet impactful conclusion only reaffirms Your Honor as a contemporary classic, albeit a painfully underappreciated one. Here’s hoping Bryan Cranston gets another complex character to sink his teeth into soon.

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