Top 10 Must-Watch Urdu TV Shows of the March 2023

March 2023 brings us an array of new Urdu TV shows as well as returning favorites. Whether you’re in search of a compelling drama or nostalgic classics, there are plenty of shows to enjoy.

Check out 10 of the best Urdu TV shows that released in March 2023! From romantic comedy dramas to spiritual romance stories, these are sure to keep you hooked with each episode!

1. Raqs e Bismil

HUM TV has released another massive drama after Sabaat and Kashf – Raqs e Bismil. With an incredible star cast, amazing production team, and direction by Wajahat Rauf, this must-watch for drama enthusiasts!

Raqs e Bismil tells a poignant tale of sacrifices made in pursuit of true love. Renowned actors such as Sarah Khan, Zara Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam, Anoushey Abbasi and Momin Saqib have joined forces for this show in order to make it an instant hit.

This story is based on Nabila Aziz’s beloved Urdu novel. It offers the perfect balance of drama and romance, with an engaging plotline that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2. Safar Tamam Hua

Safar Tamam Hua is an exciting new drama serial that premiered on HUM TV and immediately captured our attention with its unique take on family relationships. Rija, a girl with visible cognitive disabilities who is raised by Khala (Samina Ahmed), caught our attention as her story unfolded.

Anoushay, the other daughter of her brother’s mother, lives with them as well. She is a kind and sensitive soul who adores Sami, her aunt’s son.

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Sami’s brother Jamal is an evil character who wishes for Anoushay to feel unsatisfied, often creating misunderstandings between them. He even goes so far as to accuse Sami of rape which is highly offensive and insensitive.

3. Udaari

Udaari is an amazing TV drama that confronts some pressing cultural issues. It delves into child abuse and rape in Pakistan, exploring how people can break free of these destructive cycles.

This drama boasts an amazing cast, led by Urwa Hocane, Bushra Ansari and Samiya Mumtaz. Each brings their own distinct characters to the screen while sharing an infectious chemistry together.

They also challenge stereotypical views about women in drama by showing that a woman doesn’t need a man to be contented. This is an encouraging step towards equality and shows women can become strong individuals on their own terms.

4. Kaafir

The India-Pakistan border dispute has long caused much anxiety and heartburn on both sides. But now Zee5 has come to the rescue by creating a show that makes sense of this complicated issue in an engaging, multi-layered manner.

Kaafir is the story of two seemingly disparate individuals drawn together by Kashmir’s intricate web. A young Pakistani girl named Kainaaz Akhtar attempts suicide by drowning herself in the river but ends up on Indian side of the Line of Control.

Kainaaz and her journey for justice and acceptance is an inspiring tale, yet its most captivating aspect is how it tackles this topic organically without didacticism or preachiness. The dialogue is crisp, performances superb, and cinematography evocative of the turbulent terrain it depicts.

5. Shehnai

Shehnai is an intriguing story about two people in love who are committed to being together forever. However, life presents them with many obstacles they were not expecting, including financial struggles and family disagreements.

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Shehnai is an inspiring story that has captured the attention of many viewers due to its sensitive topics surrounding sexual abuse and society’s stereotypical treatment of victims.

This drama serial has become one of the best ARY dramas in recent years and continues to receive great ratings from viewers. It airs every Tuesday at 8:00 pm and continues to receive much acclaim.

This drama stars Sana Javaid, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Haroon Shahid – making it a must-watch for all Urdu TV fans!

6. Paristan

Paristan, which became a hit during Ramadan, follows the life of young Pari as she navigates both comedy and serious issues. The main characters are perfectly balanced within each other’s roles in this humorous yet poignant tale.

This serial is an inspiring demonstration of how a good script and excellent performances can transcend any budget. Starring in it are Arsalan Naseer, Aymen Saleem, Javeria Saud and Azra Mansoor from Arsalan Naseer onwards.

Samra Bukhari wrote the story with an intriguing twist, making it worth watching. Directed by Ali Hassan, it stars Ali Hassan.

7. A Bundle of Happiness – Suno Chanda 2!

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8. Allan & Nanha

Allan was a tall and lean figure with an infectious smile on his face and new tricks up his sleeve every week. He was an astute businessman who often devised immoral methods to make quick money; however, Allan’s trusty sidekick Nanha always exposed all his schemes to deceive people.

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The beloved classic TV show Allan & Nanha, a black and white serial with romantic elements, debuted in 1965. Later it switched to colour with repeat telecasts. Kamal Ahmed Rizvi starred as Allan while Rafi Khawar played Nanha. Now Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi are reprising their roles for the remake of Allan & Nanha. To explain why they will be reprising their roles, the duo shared a video on Instagram of their beloved song Laga Reh in order to explain why they will be appearing in this new film project.

9. In Search of the Evil – Phaans!

One of the best new dramas this year, Phaans, is a must-watch for fans of Zara Noor Abbas and Sami Khan. The story unfolds in an intriguing tale about a young woman who is sexually assaulted by the son of her employer’s boss.

The story is made even more captivating by the stellar acting from Ali Tahir, Arjumand Rahim and Shahzad Sheikh. Not to mention it has been named one of the 10 most watched TV series for 2018! Catch it on HUM TV Saturdays at 08:00 PM or catch it as one of TV Guide’s 10 most memorable new shows of 2019. Best of all? It’s free to watch! Just click here to be taken to a page that offers an exclusive preview of the next episode!

10. Muqaddar ka Sitara

Muqaddar Ka Sitara is an ARY Digital family drama serial with an amazing cast and story. You can catch it daily at 7:00 PM on ARY Digital!

This drama follows Hadia, played by Fatima Effendi. She is made to marry her father’s spoiled son Faizan because her parents believe it will make him a better man.

After their marriage, Hadia realizes that Faizan lacks compassion and consideration for anyone else. Despite all odds in her life, Hadia never gives up hope.

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