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Virupaksha Movie Download in 4K HD 1080p 1080p 480p 720p in Telugu and Hindi dubbing The Telugu film Virupaksha is scheduled for release on 21 April 2023, one day before Eid. The story revolves around Rudravanam village which has become haunted by an unseen force that kills people.

This film stars Sai Dharam Tej and Samyuktha Menon in lead roles and was directed by Karthik Verma Dandu.

Virupaksha Movie Download

Virupaksha, a new Telugu film featuring Sai Dharam Tej and Samyuktha Menon in lead roles, tells an epic horror-thriller tale set against Rudravanam village where mysterious deaths are occurring.

As soon as he arrives at his village, Surya (Sai Dharam Tej) falls in love with Nandini (Samyuktha Menon). After being struck by a mysterious individual, he begins investigating serial killings to figure out who may be behind them.

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Virupaksha Movie Download 4K HD 1080p 480p 720p in Telugu and Hindi dubbing is one of the year’s finest horror flicks, directed by Karthik Varma Dandu and written by Sukumar. Starring Sai Dharam Tej and Samyuktha Menon as lead actors.

Though slow and tedious at times, Virupaksha is an exciting thriller with great screenwriter Sukumar’s screenplay and performances by Sai Dharam Tej and Samyuktha.

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Movie of Virupaksha, set in the 1990s and set in Rudravanam village where ancient superstitions still prevail, follows the story of an individual who begins using witchcraft to murder people, leading to unnatural deaths occurring all across Rudravanam village.

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Virupaksha Movie is an Indian horror thriller about an isolated village where there is strong belief in superstitions and witchcraft, leading to several deaths caused by this.

Karthik Dandu makes his directorial debut with this intense thriller that provides a new take on horror cinema. There are some shocking scenes and gory detail throughout.

However, there are some noticeable lags in the movie; with its run time of 144 minutes it often seems to drag.

Even with its flaws, Virupaksha remains an essential watch for horror-thriller lovers.

This film follows Surya (Sai Dharam Tej), as he travels to Rudravanam village to practice jathara and falls under Nandini (Samyuktha Menon). When Nandini falls under her curse and dies suddenly, Surya must investigate to uncover its truth in order to save both Nandini and Rudravanam village from impending disaster.


Virupaksha Movie Trailer is filled with excitement and mystery. The plot centers around a village where residents are dying as a result of an unknown individual performing tantra mantras that cause many deaths.

The trailer alluded to black magic and controlling people via some type of trance; yet left many questions unanswered.

However, this movie is well worth your while! In Virupaksha, Sai Dharam Tej embarks upon an investigation to discover what’s behind these mysterious happenings.

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Rudravanam is an unforgettable village set in India that will have audiences gripped by suspense, mystery and horror throughout this movie’s riveting plot. Don’t miss it if you want an immersive movie-watching experience!


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