Top 10 Must-Watch Hindi TV Shows of March 2023

March 2023 marks a busy month for new releases on broadcast, cable and streaming services. Plus, it boasts some exciting returning favorites that are worth checking out.

Are you searching for the top Hindi TV shows to binge-watch this month? Look no further than our list below. We’ve curated all of the best new releases and returning favorites so that you won’t be bored.

1. Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice is one of those series that you just can’t stop watching. Not only is it captivating, but also offers some captivating drama and action in its early episodes.

Pankaj Tripathi fans should definitely watch this legal drama. Unfortunately, the pace and main storyline weren’t as captivating as expected.

2. Hostages

If you enjoy a good thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end, Hostages won’t let you down. It has an intriguing premise and its actors have done an outstanding job in portraying it.

The plot of the show has been expertly written and unfolds gradually. The suspense builds from episode to episode, keeping viewers riveted until the very end.

3. Out of Love

Irish writer Hazel Hayes explores this poignant theme in her poignant debut novel. As her long-term relationship crumbles, a young woman questions if love really is worth it – an issue she grapples with throughout the course of her poignant debut.

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This modern take on romance shows us that finding happiness isn’t always the end goal – rather, it’s the journey that matters most.

4. The Night Manager

The Night Manager is a British television series based on John le Carre’s novel of the same name. Tom Hiddleston stars as Jonathan Pine, an ex-british soldier turned hotel night porter recruited by foreign intelligence to spy on an international arms dealer.

The pilot season of David Farr’s limited series “Dracula” was written and directed by Susanne Bier and earned two Emmy awards (directing for a limited series and music composition), as well as three Golden Globe wins for Hiddleston, Colman, and Laurie in acting categories.

5. Taj: Divided By Blood

Taj: Divided by Blood is a blood-spattered take on Mughal history that brings together the sword-and-sex of Game of Thrones with medieval politics and religion. Featuring an all-star cast, this period drama is worth watching for its captivating performances as well as historical intrigue from its star studded cast.

This show centers around King Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah) and his succession conflict between three sons Salim, Murad and Daniyal. Additionally, Salim’s relationship with Anarkali (Aditi Rao Hydari) is explored.

6. Criminal Justice Season 3

Fans of Pankaj Tripathi should definitely watch Criminal Justice Season 3. He’s one of Bollywood’s most refined and sophisticated actors.

In this OTT series, Tripathi stars as advocate Madhav Mishra. He is given the case of a juvenile accused of killing his sister.

7. The Great Indian Thriller

Based on Vikas Swarup’s Six Suspects, The Great Indian Thriller is an exciting thriller that follows a murder investigation across India. It examines power abuse and its repercussions across society’s hierarchy.

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This film stars Pratik Gandhi and Richa Chadha in the lead roles, directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and produced by Ajay Devgn.

8. The Great Indian Thriller 2

Indian cinema’s most captivating genre is thriller. It blends various narrative techniques and keeps viewers fully immersed in the plotline.

The Great Indian Thriller 2 is one series you shouldn’t miss. It follows a forensic expert who returns to the Central Bureau of Investigation after taking a break, joining forces with his former mentor in order to capture an evil killer.

9. The Great Indian Thriller 1

Disney+ Hotstar’s The Great Indian Murder, based on Vikas Swarup’s Six Suspects novel, is a crime thriller that follows the murder of Vicky Rai. Vicky Rai, son of Chhattisgarh politician Jagannath Rai, is found dead at a party after celebrating his manufactured acquittal from rape and murder case.

Vicky’s murder is being investigated by police and CBI agents in an effort to bring her justice. But their pursuit will not be easy.

10. The Great Indian Thriller 2

This mystery series, adapted from Vikram Sampath’s Six Suspects, tells an captivating tale of who killed Vicky Rai. It includes a variety of suspects ranging from corrupt politicians to petty thieves.

Indian thriller, filled with mystery and intrigue. Although not an easy watch, it is certainly worth the effort.

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