Top 10 Must-Watch Bengali TV Shows of March 2023

No matter your tastes in movies, television shows or books, March 2023 promises plenty of exciting releases for everyone to enjoy. From prequels to Walking Dead spin-offs and beyond, there’s something to suit everyone in this month!

One of the newest shows to premiere is Sightsavers-inspired, telling the stories of people who couldn’t see without cataract surgery. It will air on GTV, a Bengali-language digital cable channel.

1. Gumnaami

Director Srijit Mukherji (Autograph and Rajkahini) takes on the controversial ‘Gumnaami Baba’ story in Gumnaami. After receiving Censor Board clearance in August, the movie is set for release on October 2.

In the film, we get to witness the life of Bhagwanji or ‘Gumnami Baba’ who lived as a sadhu in various locations in Uttar Pradesh such as Naimisharanya, Basti, Ayodhya and Faizabad.

The hermit always kept his identity and face hidden behind a curtain, frequently changing residences within the city limits.

This movie boasts light romance, action and humorous dialogues that make it a must watch. But what truly captures viewers’ attention is Lata Mangeshkar’s captivating vocal performance in the title song.

2. Saathiya

Saathiya is an exquisite tale of love between Aditya (Vivek Oberoi) and Suhani(Rani Mukerjee). The movie is a remake of Mani Ratnam’s Tamil romance Alai Payuthey.

Shaad Ali directed this movie and did an outstanding job of crafting an enjoyable watch. The storyline is straightforward yet captivating, while the acting is top-notch throughout.

Bengali movie buffs must watch this classic. The songs are extremely melodic, giving the movie an added dimension.

It also features some humorous songs which are entertaining to watch. Despite all its shortcomings, I still consider this movie one of my favorites. It has plenty of romance and realistic scenes without being over exaggerated like most Bollywood films are. Overall, it is an aesthetically pleasing film with everything a Bengali movie lover would desire in a film.

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3. Khukumni Home Delivery

Bengali television offers a selection of new shows. Some are comedies, some family dramas and others are non-fiction.

Khukumoni Home Delivery, a drama series to be launched on Star Jalsha on November 1st, stars Dipanwita Rakshit and Rahul Mazumdar as its leads.

It revolves around a vibrant girl who runs her home delivery business. She cooks authentic Bengali food to tantalize customers’ taste buds.

But her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Bihan, a mentally unstable individual. Now she is given the challenging task of feeding him every day – something she never expected to have to do!

Moreover, the story is quite unique and effectively portrays the contrast between two worlds. Additionally, the actors do a fantastic job in portraying it.

4. Mithai & Siddhartha

Mithai & Siddhartha, staring Adrit Roy and Soumitrisha Kundu, continues to hold onto viewers’ hearts with its captivating chemistry between protagonists Mithai and Siddhartha and its unpredictable turns. This show promises plenty of surprises for viewers to keep them intrigued throughout its run!

In the latest episode of the serial, the Modak family faces yet another obstacle as a politician attempts to sell Monohora. Pramila Laha has been introduced into the series and her presence has added some unexpected twists and turns to the plotline.

Siddhartha is discovering many new things on his pilgrimage, and he also comes to understand that nothing in this world is unknown to him.

5. Ekka Dokka

Star Jalsha’s Ekka Dokka serial has become one of the most popular series, captivating audiences with the story of two young MBBS students named Pokhraj Sengupta and Radhika Majumdar.

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Both characters come from rival families and have been studying together for some time. Yet their dislike towards one another grows stronger over time.

Due to this rivalry, both of them strive for one goal in life: to surpass each other and become the best at everything they do.

This serial has plenty of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you glued to the TV screen. Watching it is an excellent opportunity to learn about family values and why they are essential for success.

6. Nabab Nandini

On August 5, the star-studded cast of Nabab Nandini, including Rezwan Rabbani Sheikh and Indrani Paul, wrapped up shooting the show. It will air Monday to Sunday at 6:00 PM exclusively on Star Jalsha.

This story follows two young hearts on their journey towards meeting. The female protagonist is an ambitious young woman with a strong moral compass who strives to live an honest life.

On the contrary, our male lead is a talented footballer and family man whose life revolves around his family. They meet at an event and instantly fall in love; this romance serves as the show’s centerpiece, making for compelling viewing throughout their journey through obstacles.

7. Kamala O Sreeman Prithviraj

Bengali viewers have plenty of entertainment options, from family drama and period drama to non-fiction game shows. Top channels like Zee Bangla and Jalsha offer an extensive selection for their viewers.

One of the newest shows to hit the screen is Kamala O Sreeman Prithviraj, a period drama set during Bengal’s Swadeshi Movement. Starring Ayanna Chatterjee as Komola and Sukrit Saha as Prithviraj, this serial will air Monday through Sunday on Star Jalsha from 6:30 pm.

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8. Ekka Dokka

Star Jalsha has added another romance to their schedule with the arrival of Ekka Dokka, a medical romantic drama series featuring Saptarshi Maulik and Sona Moni Saha in lead roles.

This story takes place in a medical college and follows two final year students as they struggle with one another. Pokhraj Sen (played by Saptarshi Maulik) and Radhika Majumdar (Sona Moni Saha) are on opposite sides of an intense debate.

Both families hail from wealthy and influential families; the Sens run a hospital while the Majumdars are middle class.

9. Guddi

Guddi, Gulzar’s masterpiece, deftly tackles the issues facing Bollywood stardom. It exposes the gritty side of cinema’s glamour, connecting Guddi to her real world and teaching her that nothing in fiction truly exists.

Guddi, a school girl living with her dad, brother and sister-in-law, has an intense crush on film star Dharmendra but can’t differentiate the on-screen image from the real person behind it. Her family worries she might fall in love with Dharmendra but Navin’s uncle helps her distinguish between illusion and reality.

Fans of strong women characters and their quests for love should watch this show. It also offers a heartwarming message about friendship, respect, and trust that will leave viewers with an unforgettable impression.

10. Balijhor

Balijhor is a Bengali drama series that debuted on Star Jalsha and is available digitally on Disney+ Hotstar. Starring Trina Saha, Koushik Roy and Indrasish Roy in leading roles, the serial offers viewers an insight into its world.

Saibal Banerjee directed and produced Magic Moments Motion Pictures’ show, Samudra Sen and His Daughter Jhora. It follows the life of politician Samudra Sen and her daughter Jhora.

The cast of the TV show includes Indrasish Roy, Trina Saha, Bharat Kaul, Madhabi Mukherjee and many others. Prity Biswas wowed viewers with her performance in ‘Dhulokona’ and will reprise that role for this upcoming show.

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