Skanda Movie

Skanda, the highly anticipated Telugu action film, has taken the entertainment world by storm. Directed by the renowned Boyapati Srinu and produced by Srinivasaa Chitturi under Srinivasaa Silver Screen in collaboration with Zee Studios, this movie promises to be a thrilling cinematic experience. With its captivating storyline, stellar cast, and high-octane action sequences, Skanda has already garnered significant attention from movie enthusiasts.

Skanda Movie Star Cast

Leading the star-studded cast is Ram Pothineni, who delivers a powerful performance in a dual role. Alongside him are talented actors like Sreeleela, Saiee Manjrekar, Srikanth, Sharath Lohithaswa, Ajay Purkar, Daggubati Raja, and Prince Cecil, each bringing their unique talents to the screen.

Skanda Movie Story

The film’s gripping narrative revolves around Bhaskar Raju, a college student who takes drastic measures by kidnapping the daughters of two powerful Chief Ministers, Rayudu and Ranjith Reddy. However, this seemingly reckless act has deeper implications, as it is connected to the wrongful imprisonment of Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju, the CEO of Crown Group, by Rayudu and Ranjith Reddy. Bhaskar Raju’s mission is to prove Ramakrishna Raju’s innocence and unravel the truth behind his incarceration.

Skanda Movie Budgets

Skanda boasts an impressive budget of ₹95 crore, showcasing the producers’ commitment to delivering a high-quality cinematic experience. This substantial investment not only ensures top-notch production values but also allows for the seamless execution of intricate action sequences and grand-scale storytelling.

Skanda Movie Box Office Collection

Despite the negative reviews, Skanda has managed to generate a respectable box office collection of ₹59.20 crore. While the film may not have lived up to its commercial expectations, its performance at the box office is a testament to the dedicated fan base and the appeal of the action genre.

Skanda Movie Watch Online OTT

For those who prefer the convenience of streaming, Skanda will be available on various OTT platforms. The satellite rights have been acquire by Disney Star for regional languages, while the Hindi version will be available on Zee Cinema. Additionally, Disney+ Hotstar has secured the digital streaming rights, allowing viewers to enjoy the movie from the comfort of their homes starting November 2, 2023, in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

What Makes Skanda Movie Special

Aside from its star-studded cast and high-octane action sequences, Skanda stands out for its unique storytelling approach. The film seamlessly blends political satire with intense action, creating a captivating and thought-provoking narrative that resonates with audiences.

Skanda Movie Review

While Skanda receive mix to negative reviews from critics, with praise for Ram Pothineni’s performance and the action sequences, the film’s story and screenplay were heavily criticized. Reviewers acknowledged the film’s appeal to fans and the masses but highlighted its lack of logic and a sluggish second half.

Skanda Movie Controversies

Despite its commercial success, Skanda has not been without its fair share of controversies. The film has been criticized for its depiction of political figures and its portrayal of certain social issues, sparking debates and discussions among audiences and critics alike.

Skanda Movie FAQ

Is Skanda a sequel or a standalone film?

Skanda is a standalone film, but the ending sets up the possibility of a sequel titled “Skanda 2,” focusing on the doppelganger character’s backstory.

What is the runtime of Skanda?

The runtime of Skanda is approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Is Skanda available in languages other than Telugu?

Yes, Skanda has been dubbed and released in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam languages.

Will Skanda be available for streaming on OTT platforms?

Yes, Skanda will be available for streaming on Disney+ Hotstar starting November 2, 2023, in various languages.

Skanda, with its captivating narrative, stellar performances, and high-octane action sequences, has firmly established itself as a noteworthy addition to the Telugu film industry. Despite its mixed critical reception, the movie’s commercial success and dedicated fan base have solidified its place in the hearts of action movie enthusiasts. Moreover, As the movie makes its way to various OTT platforms, audiences can look forward to experiencing the thrilling ride that Skanda promises to offer. thank you for visit 7starhd.