Leo Movie

Leo is a gripping action thriller that revolves around Parthiban “Parthi,” a café owner and animal rescuer living a seemingly peaceful life in Theog, Himachal Pradesh, with his wife Sathya, son Siddharth “Siddhu,” and daughter Mathi “Chintu.” However, Parthi’s life takes an unexpected turn when he intervenes in a robbery at his café, killing the robbers in self-defense.

Leo Movie Story

This incident catches the attention of notorious gangsters Antony Das and his brother Harold Das, who believe Parthi is actually Antony’s estranged son, Leo Das, presumed dead years ago. Antony and Harold were involved in a drug empire, using a tobacco factory as a front, and Leo had turned against them, leading to a violent confrontation that left Antony’s daughter Elisa dead.

Leo Movie (2023) - Story, Reviews, Box Office Collection, OTT Release

As Antony and Harold pursue Parthi, convinced he is Leo, a cat-and-mouse game ensues, with Parthi vehemently denying their claims. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes evident that Parthi is indeed Leo, and he is forced to confront his dark past and the demons that have haunted him for years.

Leo Movie Review

Leo has received mixed reviews from critics, with praise for Vijay’s performance, technical aspects, and action sequences, but criticism for the writing.

“Vijay delivers a powerful performance, and the action sequences are a visual treat, but the convoluted plot and pacing issues hold the film back.”

The Times of India gave the film 3.5 out of 5 stars

“The cinematography, background score, and action choreography are top-notch, but the screenplay could have been tighter.”

The Hindu’s review praised the film’s technical aspects

“Vijay shines in the titular role, carrying the film on his shoulders with his charismatic screen presence.”

Firstpost’s review commended Vijay’s acting

Leo Movie Budget

According to industry reports, the budget for Leo Movie is estimated to be around ₹200 crore (approximately $25 million). This substantial budget was allocated to ensure the film’s grand scale, high-octane action sequences, and impressive visual effects.

Leo Movie Collection in India

Leo Movie has emerged as a massive box office success in India, breaking several records for a Tamil film.

  • The film grossed an estimated ₹79 crore (approximately $9.9 million) on its opening day in India, setting a new record for the highest opening day collection for a Tamil film.
  • Within two days, the film had crossed the ₹200 crore (approximately $25 million) mark in India, becoming the fastest Tamil film to achieve this milestone.
  • In its opening weekend of four days, Leo Movie earned an estimated ₹262 crore (approximately $33 million) from the Indian box office.
  • The film’s domestic (India) box office collection crossed ₹300 crore (approximately $38 million) on its 11th day of release.
  • As of its 19th day in theaters, Leo Movie had collected ₹331 crore (approximately $41 million) from the Indian market.

Leo Movie Collection Worldwide

Leo Movie has also performed exceptionally well at the global box office, emerging as one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of all time.

  • The film grossed an estimated ₹145 crore (approximately $18 million) worldwide on its opening day, setting a new record for the highest first-day gross for a Tamil film.
  • Within four days, Leo Movie had earned an estimated ₹403 crore (approximately $50 million) globally, becoming the fastest Tamil film to cross the ₹400 crore mark.
  • The film’s worldwide collection crossed ₹481 crore (approximately $60 million) in just 8 days, and it became the fastest Tamil film to reach the ₹500 crore mark in 10 days.
  • As of its 25th day in theaters, Leo Movie had grossed over ₹600 crore (approximately $75 million) worldwide, according to various trade sources.
  • While Box Office India reported a worldwide gross of ₹595 crore (approximately $75 million), PINKVILLA stated that the film had earned ₹620 crore (approximately $78 million) globally.

Leo Movie OTT Release Date

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding the OTT (Over-the-Top) release date for “Leo.” However, given the film’s massive success at the box office, it is expected to have a digital release on popular OTT platforms in the coming months, potentially on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or Disney+ Hotstar.

Leo Movie Update

Leo Movie has been a game-changer for Tamil cinema, shattering numerous box office records and establishing itself as one of the highest-grossing films in the industry.

  • The film emerged as the second highest-grossing Tamil film of 2023 and the sixth highest-grossing Indian film of 2023.
  • It became the highest-grossing Tamil film overseas, surpassing the previous record held by “Ponniyin Selvan: I.”
  • Leo Movie is now the second highest-grossing Tamil film of all time and the sixth highest-grossing South Indian film of all time.
  • The film is the highest-grossing entry in the Lokesh Cinematic Universe (LCU) as of its release.
  • Vijay became the first Indian actor to have two films top the Global Weekend charts, with Leo Movie and his previous release “Master” (2021) achieving this feat.

Leo Movie Controversies

leo movie ott

Despite its commercial success, Leo Movie has faced its fair share of controversies and criticism:

  • Following the release of the song “Naa Ready,” Pattali Makkal Katchi president Anbumani Ramadoss criticized Vijay for promoting smoking scenes in the film. An online complaint was also filed against the film for allegedly glorifying drug consumption.
  • The usage of expletives by Vijay in the film’s trailer drew widespread criticism, leading to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) sending legal notices to theaters for screening the uncertified trailer.
  • As a result, approximately 43 seconds of the film were censored, with instances of gore and violence either blurred or replaced, although the runtime remained mostly unaffected.
  • Background dancers who worked on the “Naa Ready” song claimed that the makers had not paid them their full remuneration despite repeated requests.

Leo Animated Movie

As of now, there is no information about an animated movie based on Leo Movie or its characters. The film is a live-action thriller and does not have any plans for an animated adaptation.

Leo Movie Online Watch

While Leo Movie is still running in theaters, it is currently not available for online streaming or watching. Audiences are advised to watch the film in theaters to experience the full cinematic experience and to support the filmmakers and the industry.

Leo Movie Download

As Leo Movie is a recent release, it is currently not available for legal download or streaming. Downloading or streaming the film from unauthorized sources is illegal and violates copyright laws, depriving the filmmakers and production companies of their rightful revenue. It is strongly recommended to refrain from downloading or streaming the film from unauthorized sources.